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What we can offer

IWG’s innovation, drive and passion mean we are a company that is always growing and adapting to what the world needs. We are a place for people who don’t want to stay in their comfort zone; for people who push forward and who give 150% to make things happen.

For 30 years, IWG have redefined how people and businesses work and the ambition never stops. We innovate, we adapt and we push harder to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We’re always thinking ahead, determined to succeed, and it is those qualities we look for in those we hire.

As you would expect from a global market leader, IWG is a fast-paced environment and no two days are the same. It suits people who are hungry to learn and advance their careers. If you’re ambitious to achieve, then you will.

The below image highlights the values our teams demonstrate and in return for what you can bring to us, what we will offer you:

ambition ambition

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International opportunities for development, global exposure


Encourage development, continuous improvement, don't stand still


Taking the initiative, not waiting for others to act to bring on positive results


Ability to adjust your approach in response to change


Ever changing and evolving, constant challenge

Structured Induction

A structured, comprehensive induction & ongoing training to help you settle into your new role

Variety & Challenge

Lots of variety and challenge - no two days are the same

Comprehensive Benefits & Compensation

A competitive total compensation package to reward your hard work

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Dynamic Work Environment

Dynamic working environments, with committed teams

Truly Global Business

A truly global business with opportunities for progression

Work/Life Balance

Standard business hours (Monday to Friday)

Continual Development

Continued development and professional development

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Gender split of the Board

  • Male57
  • Female43

Gender split of all employees

  • Male30
  • Female70

Gender split of senior leadership

  • Male67
  • Female33

Nationality split of the Board

  • American44
  • French14
  • Dutch14
  • British14
  • Luxembourgish14
We define “Diversity” as achieving strength and sustainability through actively embracing and being inclusive of all aspects (visible and invisible) of what makes every individual unique including education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, communication styles, knowledge bases, social economic backgrounds, age, race, gender, religious beliefs, physical abilities and disabilities, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political beliefs.
We are an equal opportunities employer and are proactively looking to identify, develop and promote key talent from within our organisation which will in turn improve our diversity at senior levels. It’s this commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will help us retain and attract talented people who will support our clients and our own enterprise vitality and growth going forward. Diversity of talent continues to be a focus for us, and our recruitment channels and processes offer opportunity to everybody.
Across all our global operations, we have also been taking action to give flexible working opportunities to people who wish to fit their careers around other commitments in their lives, due to any number of personal, educational, professional or family reasons, which include opportunities for part-time and freelance talent.
We have placed more emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion in our development activities for existing team members, with the launch of interactive webinars focused on ensuring we always operate fairly and professionally.
We’ve extended our programme on DE&I, both online and via interactive webinars investigating what DE&I means in practice and how we should all interact without bias with all IWG team members, partners, customers and other stakeholders. We also launched a series of ‘Affinity Groups’ in the US. Made up of team members, these work with the Company to make and consider recommendations on how best to address and resolve DE&I issues arising from our day-to-day business operations. We also continue to operate our confidential ‘Right to Speak’ reporting helpline for all members of our extended team across the world. In addition, we have various programmes in place to provide employees with confidential counselling services, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Training & Development

Making your ambition a reality

A career with us is as inspiring as it is challenging. Our Training & Development teams are committed to making sure you can thrive in your role, providing you with all the support, encouragement and development you need.

As a service-based business the strength and capabilities of our increasingly geographically diverse team are critical to achieving our strategic objectives.

We will support you to be your best, unlocking your full potential and continuing to develop both professionally and personally. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck in a classroom. We’re committed to supporting you and that could be in-person, on-the-job, online, 1:1 coaching, self development, through professional qualifications or through e-learning. Our online Academy (Global Learning and Development platform), supports and delivers all our training and development activities. It provides 24/7 access to development tools, wherever you are and whenever you want to access it.

With over 3,400 online courses, webinars, videos and articles, our team members accessed the Academy more than 87,000 times during 2020.

Getting you started

Your induction will include a programme that is tailored to you and your job. It will be delivered in a blended way that will include online courses, peer to peer learning and webinars where you can meet colleagues from across the World to share experiences and ideas.

Chasing your ambition

We offer a number of global programs and you can select the course to suit your ambition and goals; from Sales programs to Leadership and Operational Management. Our programs are run around the world and you can enjoy learning new skills and enhancing your current skills with a diverse group of likeminded colleagues.

Keeping you moving

We offer all employees a free learning and development platform where can you choose from over 3,400 online courses, webinars, videos and articles to support you in achieving your goals and ambitions. Regular on-the-job coaching will ensure you stay up-to-date with our ever-evolving business and can provide the leading service our customers expect. We’ll encourage you to develop your knowledge in specific areas as well as learning new skills. We regularly run bitesize webinars globally which will help your on your personal development journey.

Our ambition

To enable you to grow and to achieve your own personal goals as well as ours.

Find Your Team

  • Procurement

  • Finance/Investment

  • IT (Technology & Innovation)

  • Operations (Customer Service)

  • Account Helpdesk

  • Sales

  • Franchise

  • Marketing

  • IWG Direct

  • Network Development

  • HR


Global Procurement looks after the strategic interaction with our supply base globally…

What we do in procurement is to make sure that we make the best supplier choices, and pay a reasonable price for the goods and services we buy… but, it’s not only the selection of our suppliers…. We’re also involved in making sure that we get the service and quality we expect, that suppliers and landlords are meeting their contractual obligations and that they bill us correctly. We also think about what risks might happen to our supply base and how we can make sure that we can survive unexpected events.

Think of us as the gateway to the outside world…. We make decisions about where and how we spend our valuable resources and how we can deliver ever greater value to the “Bottom Line” but at the same time, looking out for risks that might get in the way of our success.

Authentic people, authentic stories

For insight and an honest account of working life at IWG; what makes this business exciting, what to expect, what not to expect and anything in between, please follow this link to our podcast series titled Behind the ambition.

This series of podcasts aim to provide an authentic insight into our passionate, ambitious and motivated teams from around the world, sharing insight into backgrounds, diverse career journeys and their individual contribution to the business.

Each instalment of the Behind the Ambition series will feature a brief interview or discussion with colleagues from a range of our business functions.

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