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Application Process

You decide what comes next. Choose your career path

We want to offer our team members personlized opportunities for growth, based on their level of experience.
There is always room for development.
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Assessment We want to know what
makes you tick!

Depending on the role that you apply for we may ask you to complete a short assessment or prepare something for an interview.

Here are some examples of tasks you may need to complete:
  • An online behavioral assessment
  • A short presentation
  • Case studies – what do you know about our industry?
  • Job specific testing i.e. excel & SQL

Telephone Interview

For some roles at IWG you will have an initial call with one of our Global Recruitment team. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know us better.

At this stage we will talk to you about the role & what it is like to work at IWG. We will then decide if you are ready for the next stage.

Not to worry if you aren’t – we will give you feedback to help you with future interviews.

Interview/Video Interview

We use a few different methods in our recruitment process.

You may be asked to complete a recorded video interview, don’t worry you will have time to prepare, just get comfortable and answer the questions that come up on the screen.

In some roles we work remotely – in this case we could ask you to join a video interview via MS Teams. Just make sure you have downloaded it ready for your call.

In most cases we will ask you to come meet us at one of our amazing centers where you will get to meet the team and maybe even grab a coffee!


Make it Official

After you have completed the relevant stages of our recruitment process
it’s time to decide. Hopefully, you decide to come and join the IWG family!



At IWG we know that feedback works both ways!

At each stage of the process, you will receive feedback from our team but we will also ask you how you found the process so we can improve it for future applicants.

If you complete our Sales or Operations assessment, you will receive a personalized feedback report to let you now how you preformed. This will give you some handy pointers for future assessments/interviews.